Exclusive Treatments for Diabetic Foot Wounds Offered by Dr. Vohra

Diabetic Feet and Diabetic Wound Treatments

People with diabetes are at high risk for developing problems with their feet. More than half of diabetics lose sensation in their feet due to nerve or blood vessel damage, and can hurt themselves without knowing it. Even the smallest of foot and ankle injuries, such as a blister or ingrown toenail, can lead to infection and tissue death.

Ulcers and other wounds commonly form on the bottom of the foot and can easily become infected or lead to other serious complications. Ulcers may develop as a result of poor circulation, lack of feeling in the feet, irritation, or trauma.

Once a wound has been detected, it should be treated immediately in order to prevent complications from developing. Diabetic wound treatment focuses on relieving pressure from the area and removing dead skin cells and tissue through a process called debridement. The wound is then medicated and dressed to prevent infection and promote healing. For more severe wounds, patients may be required to wear special footwear or a brace to relieve pressure and prevent irritation to the wound.

To prevent wounds from developing, patients should avoid walking barefoot and keep blood glucose levels under control. Diabetic patients should have regularly scheduled appointments with Dr. Vohra to detect any abnormalities in its earliest stages and reduce the risk of serious complications. You should also examine your feet at home on a daily basis. Dr. Vohra is experienced in treating a wide range of diabetic complications and aims to promote healthy feet through comprehensive foot and ankle exams and patient understanding of their conditions and treatment options.

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