Digital Foot Scan for Orthotics at Foot and Ankle Specialists

Specialty Treatments in Foot and Ankle Care

The feet are the foundation of the entire musculoskeletal system, providing support and protecting the body from stress and pressure as a result of the constant movements we make. Treatment of many different conditions throughout the body often begins with an evaluation of the feet, which are a frequent source of pain and other conditions. Even if the feet do not hurt, they can be a source of pain in the leg, knee, hip, back, shoulder, or neck.

A digital foot scan is an advanced diagnostic procedure performed to detect imbalances within the feet that may cause back, neck, and knee pain. After this procedure, patients may be fitted with orthotics that correct the imbalance, or may require additional treatment for more severe conditions

Benefits of a Digital Foot Scan

The digital foot scan provides a more thorough assessment of the patient’s foot, along with other important factors. During this procedure, a map of the foot is created, taking into account the weight, weight distribution, and foot pressure of the patient, as well as any foot abnormalities. The scan takes just a few minutes to perform and provides a comprehensive evaluation of each of the foot’s three arches.

Patients who utilize this advanced procedure benefit from faster analysis and orthotic production times than traditional analysis with a plaster cast. Patients can receive their orthotics faster and begin to experience pain relief sooner than ever before. To make your appointment today, call 815-254-3338, and let Dr. Vohra guide you to the best options for your injuries.

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