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Ankle Arthroscopic: Follow-up Study of 33 Ankles – Effect of Physical Therapy and Obesity

A retrospective analysis was conducted of 32 patients (33 ankles) who has undergone surgical ankle arthroscopy for chronic ankle pain that was recalcitrant to conservative treatment. All patients were examined clinically and completed a written questionnaire Intraoperative ankle arthroscopy showed hypertrophic synovitis , adhesive bands, chondral bands with synovitis, osteophytes, and abnormalities in the talar dome. Results in treatment after and average follow-up time of 1.4 years showed ankle scores of 15 excellent, 11 good, 5 fair, and 2 poor.

Obesity was a significantly related to the outcomes of arthroscopy procedures. Obese patients were more likely to be rated as fair or poor, while non-obese patients were significantly more likely to be rated excellent or good. Those patients who received physical therapy postoperatively for one or more months had significantly better ankle ratings than those who did not elect to have physical therapy.

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